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"They will never beat the originals but their attempt is worth hearing and watching every minute."
- Musicform



"When I closed my eyes they reminded me of the early years of The Police. Raw, musical, sometimes offkey but the energy was high and I could not stop moving!".

- LIVE report

The Polease is a Dutch ‘The Police’ tribute band, formed in Amsterdam in 2006. The band consists of Sting (aka Pep, lead-vocals), Andy Summers (aka Louk, guitar, backing vocals), Sting’s brother (aka Rogier, bass, backing vocals) and Stewart Copeland (aka Brian, drums, backing vocals). The Polease are generally regarded as one of the best Dutch ‘The Police’ tribute bands out there, playing the same typical style of music that was strongly influenced by punk, rock, reggae, and jazz. Musically The Polease stays completely true to their ‘The Police’ heroes.


In July 2012 The Polease performed as support-act of STING at the Amsterdam Club Ziggo, warming up the immense crowd for the big man himself and Radio Veronica, the biggest commercial radio station in Holland, chose The Polease as one of the top-5 best cover bands of 2014.


The Polease will do everything and stop at nothing to give audiences what they want and what they need: a mind-blowing, authentically sounding and steaming live-performance that can compete with the best live-music from the ’70s and ’80s of the past century: The Police

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